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RTO Consulting

Q: I am considering becoming an RTO can you help me?
A: Velg Training has an RTO Set Up Proposal that can be sent to you so that you can research and consider the option of setting up an RTO. The proposal document offers links to various website where you will be able to research other factors that need to be considered when establishing an RTO.

Q: I have an AVETMISS question, is that something you can assist me with?
A: In most cases our Consulting Team will be able to provide you advice but in the event that they can't they are normally able to refer you to someone that can.

Q: Can you tell me about government funded training?
A: Velg Training have consultants that specialise in Government Funded Training.

Q:  I want to make sure that I am compliant with my CRICOS registration?
A: We have consultants that are specialists in CRICOS and a variety of services to suit individual needs.

Q: I am considering writing an Accredited Course but I'm not sure where to go and what to do.
A: One of the many services that Velg Training offers is the time to spend with a Consultant to discuss your ideas.

Q: I am concerned that our certificate templates may not meet the requirements.
A: One of our consultants can review your templates and offer feedback.

Q: Is time with a consultant face to face classed as professional development?
A: Each scenario is different but in some cases a Statement of Attendance can be issued to your staff.

In House Professional Development

Q:  I'd like a number of my staff to attend one of your workshops but the travel time and cost prevent this from happening?
A: Why don't you talk to the Consulting Team about facilitating one of our workshops at your premises.  We have a suite of workshops as well as any of our current workshops that can be delivered at a venue of your choice or you can have a workshop customised to suit your individual needs.

Q: We are looking for a presenter for our upcoming conference?
A: Velg Training is able to provide guest speakers at your event.  Our Consulting Team would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

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