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  VET Student Loans

VET Student Loans is the loan system under which eligible students can access selected higher level Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications.

  VET Quality Framework (VQF)

The VET Quality Framework (VQF) comprises four main elements: three legislative instruments and one framework. To obtain and retain registration, RTOs must comply with each of the VQF’s four elements and their associated components.

  VET Legislation and Frameworks

There are various pieces of legislation, guidelines and benchmarks that govern training and assessment activities, and VET practitioners need to understand these requirements.

  Nominate a VET Champion!

Victoria's new VET Champions Initiative is set to show students the value of 'hands-on' learning whilst a new Senior Secondary School Certificate integrates academic and vocational skills development.

  ASQA - VET in schools

ASQA is committed to ensuring the quality of VET delivered to secondary school students (VETDSSS). This section provides an overview of the current delivery of VETDSSS, and commit to continuous improvement.

  Updates from the National VET Regulator

Information from ASQA for anyone considering becoming an RTO, advice of the implementation of revised fees and charges and the story of a man ordered to pay over $86k in fees and penalties for providing false qualifications.

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  • This 1.5 hour webinar is from our suite of Your Way offerings. It is ready to be presented to your staff, at a time that suits you. This webinar, presentered by Nick McEwan-Hall will have a down to earth look at mental health with Nick McEwan-Hall, our Mental Health First Aid expert.

    PD Your Way 

    Our December MLB is focussed on supporting neurodistinct students. This extremely popular National VET Conference session received a 4/5 star rating and will provide ideas to help RTOs understand some of the areas they can improve to be a more inclusive learning institution.


    This 1 hour webinar is from our suite of Your Way offerings. It is ready to be presented to your staff, at a time that suits you. Facilitating Active learning is a skill that vocational trainers need to develop. Theory should not equate to ‘just using PowerPoint’. In this one hour webinar (formed from the extremely popular session at the 2018 National VET Conference) engage with 40+ ideas that work!

    PD Your Way 

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