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Your Way: Mental Health Issues, and the VET Sector


This 1.5 hour webinar is from our  suite of Your Way offerings.It is ready to be presented to your staff, at a time that suit you! Need more information? Simply fill out our enquiry form below for a quote.

Do you feel confident to help someone who might be experiencing a mental health problem?
The incidence of mental health problems in Australia is already high, but with COVID-19, we expect to see a spike in people experiencing mental health problems right now, and over the next 12 months.

One in five Australians will experience a mental health issue in any given year and 45% of people between the ages of 16 and 86 will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime.

For us in the VET Sector, these statistics are very real. They mean that 20% of our students, staff, colleagues and people around us will experience a mental health issue this year.

Mental Health issues affect a person’s life in many ways, from very subtly, to life changing effects.  But, with some basic knowledge and a set of skills behind us, we can confidently and competently assist someone when they experience a mental health issue.

In this 90 minute webinar, you will take a look at mental health in some detail, and be introduced to some easy ways to build your skills in the area of mental health.

Key topics covered in the webinar

What mental health is

  • The mental health continuum
  • Some facts and stats about mental health in Australia
  • When you should be concerned about a person’s mental health
  • Two of the most common mental health problems
  • A simple model to talk to someone about their mental health
  • The Mental Health First Aid course

Who should attend

  • CEO
  • RTO Owners
  • Principals
  • Heads of Department/Senior Schooling
  • RTO Managers
  • Operational Manager
  • HR Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Trainers and Assessors
  • Administrators
  • Consultants

What to expect

  • PPT presentation and workbook
  • Additional electronic resources
  • Electronic statement of attendance


Nick McEwan-Hall

RTO/Compliance Manager

Nick has been a longstanding and robust contributor to the Australian Vocational Education & Training (VET) sector for over 17 years. A qualified VET practitioner, DISC facilitator, trainer, workplace and business coach, his knowledge of the training and education system is highly acclaimed Australia wide.

Starting his career in Secondary Schools and transitioning to VET, his breadth of experience spans training & assessment, operations, strategic management, client relationship management, quality, data management and instructional design. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the Victorian Training Guarantee and has led small to multi-national RTOs and NPOs through external audits.

Nick has a unique ability to break down the ever changing complexities within the VET sector in a practical way which enables organisations to ‘simply get on with their core activities’ with confidence and efficiency.

A committed advocate for equality and vocational opportunities, Nick has worked with many RTOs in the Non For Profit sector including the Brotherhood of St Laurence. His focus and determination for helping others achieve and flourish has resulted in many NFPs not only remaining operable, but commercially sustainable in their provision of training for the unemployed and marginalised.

Volunteering for many years on the Board of Governance at the Fitzroy Learning Network, Nick was a key driver of new program initiatives and fundraising activities to alleviate major learning gaps and lack of opportunities to disadvantaged residents.

In 2012 Nick was a recipient of the ‘Whitelion Chairperson's Award for Employment’. He led his team across a joint partnership with Telstra to deliver programs to unemployed youth which resulted in an unprecedented number of permanent job offers within Telstra call centres.

Nick currently manages an independent RTO, ‘The Open Door Coaching Group’, along with steering his own consulting and coaching practices, ‘Latitude Coaching’ and ‘AVETMESS’. An active presenter at conferences around Australia, he runs training workshops & coaching sessions to a broad range of education and business groups. He speaks on a variety of subjects including change management, workplace values, team building and a wide scope of VET related topics.

When not working, you will find Nick indulging his fascination with Asian art and artefacts, exploring art exhibitions, enjoying an espresso coffee with friends over a joke or two and getting out of the city to wind down and relax.

A fun and straightforward presenter Nick has a knack for striking the elusive balance between theory, practicality, humour and meaningful activity. Participants of Nick’s sessions will leave feeling relaxed and empowered to make a real difference.

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