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Master Mentoring

Master Mentoring: Community of New Educators (CONE)

Velg Training and KGEducational Consulting are proud to bring practitioners in the VET Sector this specialised PD Program!

To find out more about the program, we held an information session in November. See the video below:

Based on significant need in in the sector for professional learning for new educators – CONE (Community of New Educators) focuses on the development of a learning community to support our newest educators.

CONE (Stage 1) supports new VET educators in an array of educational environments. This program, which involves a diverse range of relevant and much needed professional learning, is intentionally crafted for educators in their first years. It focuses on developing teaching and learning capabilities in a collegiate community environment which can be contextualised to a diverse range of learning environments. It provides new educators with both a toolbox of essential teaching/learning skills and a community to share their learning and experiences.

Tap into the learning community each month and make the most of your PD investment! 

What is Master Mentoring and what's included?

The Master Mentoring program is a comprehensive series of 8 x 90 minute webinars designed to delve that little bit deeper into targeted topics/areas of responsibility and to provide real-world guidance and advice that is meaningful. Each webinar in the series includes templates and supportive resources.

Chosen Masters are highly regarded in the VET Sector, with experience spanning more than 15 years, and they are here to mentor you! 

We know a planned approach to PD is often the most easily implemented. That's why we've developed flexibility in our Master Mentoring program.

You can pick and choose sessions that align with your needs or bundle all 8 to save.

Kay Schlesinger
KGEducational Consulting

Meet the Master - Kay Schlesinger

Kay Schlesinger has worked in numerous educational sectors, where she has been responsible for the professional Development of educators and support of new leaders in the sector. In the last 20 years Kay has worked in VET, Higher Education and as an Educational Consultant.

She has received awards for Teaching and Adult Learning in the VET Sector, and was awarded an International Specialised Skills Institute Fellowship for her work with new teachers.  She is currently mentoring organisations around empowering new educators for organisational improvement.

Developing the capability of educators has been Kay’s passion for many years. She is focussed on partnering with educators to create interesting, interactive learning experiences. 

We listened! Due to feedback from the sector this program will now commence in 2024 (aligning with the educational calendar year)

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