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National VET PD Week

10 - 14 October 2022

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The 2022 National VET PD Week is our sixth annual special event, designed to up-skill VET practitioners nation-wide by providing access to the highest quality professional development this October.

The week's PD offerings have been selected to extend knowledge and provide practical guidance relating directly to training and assessment practice. 

Our top 5 presenters/webinars from the past 12 months are being facilitated over 5 days. They have been determined by both popularity and feedback!

Whether you are looking to further develop your training skills or fine tune your assessment practices , 2022 National VET PD Week has something for you.


To ensure affordability, each of the 90-minute webinars is priced at the cost of a 60-minute session: Members: $55 (inc GST)   |   Non-members $85 (inc GST) each

Learn more about each session by clicking on the title.

Mon, 10 October 2022
11.00 am - 12.30 pm


Trainer Excellence: Bringing psychology to the classroom

As Training Specialists, it is our duty to help foster and facilitate an environment where people can safely fail, learn, adapt, overcome, and become competent in their chosen fields. Take  a deep dive into the psychology of adult learners using DISC personality profiling and explore effective techniques to help you really connect with your learners on a deeper and more meaningful level.

"Clear, logical, and engaging, Jason broke down a challenging and, at times, confronting topic."
"Loved the honesty and authenticity of Jason."
"Great ideas on how to adapt to these personality traits in a classroom."
Jason Blinman CEO
The Maven Effect
Tues, 11 October 2022
11.00 am - 12.30 pm


Guidelines for Creating Video Content that Students will Actually Watch!

Do you know why more and more students are demanding video content and what makes them switch many of those videos right back off again? Built from research that monitored online student behaviour and reasoning, you won’t want to miss these important insights and practical guidelines.  

"Current research highlighting need to keep it simple / removing barriers to creating video content / AMAZING presenter!"
"Very focused, practical advice backed up by research"
"Deniese provided easy concepts to grasp and useful methods of putting them into action. Very contextual delivery explained everything clearly and logically."

Dr Deniese Cox Founder
Wed, 12 October 2022
11.00 am - 12.30 pm


Creating Multiple Choice Questions

It is often thought that Multiple Choice questions are not applicable to VET or that they are the easiest assessment questions to write. These are incorrect assumptions!  Gain some helpful tips and advice on best practices when developing Multiple Choice questions, regardless of online or face-to-face delivery.

"The information provided and the activities kept the audience engaged. Presentations delivered by David are always interesting."
"Dave was a very interesting, good and knowledgeable presenter!"
"Provided examples which gave a clearer understanding of the concepts presented and the practical demonstrations created greater interactivity."
David Tout Senior Research Fellow
Thur, 13 October 2022
11.00 am - 12.30 pm


Developing Advanced Facilitation Practice

There is no doubt that a good trainer can have a profound impact on the success of their learners.  This webinar is focused on identifying the elements for achieving high-level facilitation skills. Explore supporting engagement, developing learner independence, and concentrating on reflective and continuous improvement practices.

"Fantastic! Tony is an excellent presenter, very knowledgeable and gives us first-class information. Thank you Tony. You're the BEST."
"I was engaged for the whole hour, all new topics.  Really fascinating!"
"A very well structured presentation, easy to follow."
Tony Kirton Founder
Engage Learning & Development
Fri, 14 October 2022
11.00 am - 12.30 pm


Self-Assuring Your Assessment

Equip yourself  with some essential strategies for taking control of your own assessment practices and resources. Whether you are an RTO Manager leading a team of trainers and assessors or if you are the one responsible for designing, developing and conducting assessments, this session puts the spotlight on the differences between what is and what isn’t compliant assessment.

"I thought this was one of the most informative webinars I have attended in a long time.  Easy to follow and  Melanie's knowledge was great."
"The knowledge of the presenter and the content reflected in the slides were spot on!"
"This session highlighted issues with assessment and effectively pointed out common traps in developing assessments. The presenter covered the topics very well."
Melanie Alexandra
Principal Consultant


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