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National VET PD Week

9 - 13 October 2023

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The 2023 National VET PD Week is our seventh annual special event, designed to up-skill VET practitioners nation-wide by providing access to the highest quality professional development this October.

The week's PD offerings have been selected to extend knowledge and provide practical guidance relating directly to training and assessment practice. 

Our top 5 presenters/webinars from the past 12 months are being facilitated over 5 days. They have been determined by both popularity and feedback!

Whether you are looking to further develop your training skills or fine tune your assessment practices , 2023 National VET PD Week has something for you.


To ensure affordability, each of the 90-minute webinars is priced at the cost of a 60-minute session: Members: $55 (inc GST)   |   Non-members $85 (inc GST) each

Learn more about each session by clicking on the title.

Mon, 9 October 2023
11.00 am - 12.30 pm


Using Nudge Theory to Overcome Barriers to Student Participation & Engagement

How can students be encouraged to engage and participate to successfully complete VET Courses? They may need a ‘nudge’! As trainers and assessors, we recognise students failing to complete or make on-time assessment submissions, attend classes, complete learning activities or engage with the course content. The result of these failures often leads to sub-optimal educational outcomes.

  • 'Great information and really liked how it was linked to examples'
  • 'Tony made me think outside the box about engaging learners and how to learn their behaviors'
  • 'Provided some really interesting ways to view encouraging participation'
Tony Kirton Founder
Engage Learning & Development
Tues, 10 October 2023
11.00 am - 12.30 pm


Interesting Learning: 6 activities to activate your learner

We all know that that interesting, interactive sessions are more likely to increase learner involvement and subsequent learning. Interaction and problem solving empower learners to play an active part in the learning process and have a voice, which increases confidence and a sense of learning ownership.

  • 'This session was so well presented! It was informative and included lots of practical examples'
  • 'Kay was an enegaging presenter with information that was delivered in a way that was easy to understand'
  • 'I thought Kay was fantastic! Really enjoyed it. She shared a wealth of knowledge'

Kay Schlesinger
Educational Consultant
Wed, 11 October 2023
11.00 am - 12.30 pm


Common Assessor Issues and How to Avoid Them

Assessment issues continue to be one of the most common non-compliances identified in regulator audits. So, how do we avoid these? During this webinar you will look at some of the common assessment issues that are often found during validations and audits and be provided some strategies for how assessors can avoid these issues.

  • Very relatable presenter and information. She gave plenty of practical applications and considerations for use outside of the Webinar.'
  • 'Covered a lot of topics on assessment and gave real world examples'
  • 'The presenter was highly knowledgeable and made compliance authenticity doable'
Coleen Rivas Managing Director
Raspberry Training and Consulting
Thur, 12 October 2023
11.00 am - 12.30 pm


Practical Ways to Build Foundation Skills and Improve Learner Results

As a vocational trainer or training manager, you play a crucial role in the lives of the people you train. Foundation skills are fundamental to a person's participation in the workplace, the community and in education and training. They are a combination of language, literacy and numeracy (LLNDE) skills and employability skills. So, how can we maximise our training to help develop strong foundation skills in our students?

  • 'One of the best webinars, so well delivered. Great content explained in perfect context'
  • 'The information presented was easy to understand and practical!'
  • 'Well presented, informative, Chemene gave lots of practical examples'
Chemène Sinson Principal
Blackwater Projects
Fri, 13 October 2023
11.00 am - 12.30 pm


A Guide to Conducting Assessment Validations

Assessment validation is a review process used to confirm that an RTO’s assessment system can and is consistently producing valid assessment judgements. Whilst systematic validation of assessment is a requirement of the Standards for RTOs 2015, this process is the perfect opportunity for RTOs to ensure the quality implementation of it's assessment services. This webinar delivers a pragmatic approach to conducting effective assessment validation. You will learn methods and techniques for validating assessment tools.

  • 'The knowledge of the presenter and how he presented was wonderful'
  • 'Very informative, reassuring what we are doing is correct. Well presented and easy to understand.
  • 'It confirmed that the processes I've been following to assessment validation were on track with requirements. Gained some useful hints and tips from the presenter Alan.'
Alan Maguire Principal Consultant
On Target Work Skills 


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