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Your Way: Proactively Managing Student Behaviour using the TERA Model


This 1 hour webinar is from our  suite of Your Way offerings.It is ready to be presented to your staff, at a time that suit you! Need more information? Simply fill out our enquiry form below for a quote. 

This webinar will explain how you can take a proactive approach to managing student behaviour. Drawing on the fields of neuroscience and evolutionary psychology, we explored the TERA model, and how it can be used to promote student engagement while reducing the likelihood of the unproductive behaviours we want to avoid.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

Identify the question that our brain asks five times a second and how it influences our behaviour.
Recognise the four key elements of psychological safety and how these influence a person’s engagement and disengagement.
Apply practical techniques to meet these elements and create the conditions in which people are less likely to disengage or participate in unproductive behaviour.
This is an engaging webinar that will get you thinking about the many small things you can do (and the things to avoid) to encourage your learners towards a positive, optimistic and engaged attitude.

Note: This webinar is about proactive behaviour management. We won’t be exploring strategies for addressing unproductive or disruptive behaviour when it occurs. Instead, it is about creating the conditions to avoid those undesirable behaviours in the first place!

Key topics covered within the webinar

  • How the question our brain asks influences behaviour  
  • Recognising 4 key elements of psychological safety
  • How to influence a person’s engagement and disengagement  
  • Applying practical techniques  
  • Lessening disengagement/ unproductive behaviour

Who should attend

  • RTO Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Departmental Heads of Faculty
  • Trainers/Assessors
  • Pre-service VET teachers
  • Anyone looking for ways to proactively manage student behaviour

What to expect

  • PowerPoint
  • Recording of the webinar (three months access)
  • Additional electronic resources
  • Electronic Statement of Attendance


Tony Kirton


Tony Kirton is an instructional designer and learning facilitator with more than a decade’s experience in learning and development.

Known for his engaging and evidence-based approach to workplace learning, Tony primarily works in instructional and assessment design for both the private and public sectors. In between his design projects, he facilitates training with several of Australia’s leading training providers including speaking at various conferences around Australia.

Tony’s extensive experience in the application of learning design theory includes the design of hundreds of training programs and more than one thousand assessment resources from nearly 30 different qualifications.

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