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Webinar Recording: The What, Why, Who, How and When of Reasonable Adjustment

Velg Training


Recorded on 21/10/2019 as part of National VET PD Week, this webinar answered the question: What does reasonable adjustment really mean in practice? With a focus on compliance (rather than equity) it unpacked the what, why, who, how and when!

Topic overview:

What does reasonable adjustment mean in practice?  The Standards for RTOS 2015 and the AQTF are almost silent on reasonable adjustment.  Yet, we see the phrase used in User Guides and auditors may ask about reasonable adjustment.

You may have statements about it in Training and Assessment Strategies and assessment materials.  But have you really thought about those statements and what they mean?

Do you 'do what you say you will do'?  CAN you 'do what you say'?

This session had a compliance focus rather than an equity focus.

What was covered in the session:

  • What is reasonable adjustment?
  • Why is it required?
  • Who qualifies for reasonable adjustment?
  • How do I offer it and what options do I have?
  • When is reasonable adjustment not an option?

Webinar content targeted towards:

  • Trainers and Assessors
  • Heads of Faculty/Department/Area Managers
  • Private Individuals
  • Curriculum Developers/L&D Managers
  • RTO Managers
  • Compliance Managers

Webinar duration: 60 minutes

Bio of presenter:

Carol Hunter has spent over twenty years working in both operational and strategic roles in VET.  She is the Principal of RTO Services and Consulting.  She has held positions as Director Training Quality and Regulation, Department of Education and Training ; Manager, Audit Services, Training Quality and Regulation, Department of Education and Training (Queensland); Manager, Training Secretariat to Training and Employment Recognition Council and Training Employment Board ; Faculty Director Logan TAFE  and various other VET positions in apprenticeships, curriculum, teaching etc.

Carol has used her experience in assisting a range of stakeholders develop contextually appropriate best practice applications and solutions in a variety of VET domains. She has also worked in operational roles in both public and private RTOs, in policy and curriculum development; and as a secondary school teacher.

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