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2022 QLD Schools VET Conference

5 Aug 2022
ONLINE via Zoom

Find it hard to complete PD on specific days, at specific times?

We want to make things easier for you!  Clauses 1.13 (c) and 1.16 from the Standards for RTOs 2015require that you have current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning and that you undertake PD in the fields of knowledge and practice of VET.

Introducing our TAE PD Week webinar recordings, which were developed by industry experts to ensure that the content of each session compliments your existing knowledge and skills. They were created to align with components of the 9 core units from the latest TAE40116 qualification so that they relate directly to providing training and assessment in a competency-based environment.

Our special bonus to you is access to these 10 x 60-minute webinar recordings that were specifically designed for Trainers and Assessors to meet ongoing trainer and assessor requirements.

But wait!.....There's more!  We've also gone the extra mile  and developed an easy-to-use PD record template for you. This will help to take some of the hard work out of recording  the watching of these, and how they relate to your training and assessment practice.

Access your PD Record Template here.

Planning Assessment Activities & Processes(PD directly relating to TAEASS401 )
Designing and Developing Learning that Sticks!(PD directly relating to TAEDES401)
Identifying LLN Needs and Developing Support Strategies(PD directly relating to TAELLN411)
Designing and Developing Assessment Tools for Competence - Pt 1(PD directly relating to TAEASS502)
Designing and Developing Assessment Tools for Competence - Pt 2(PD directly relating to TAEASS502)
Unpacking Training Packages to Meet Client Needs(PD directly relating to TAEDES402)
 Enhancing How You Plan, Organise and Deliver Group-based Training(PD directly relating to TAEDEL401)
 Breaking Down Assessing Competence(PD directly relating to TAEASS402)
Currency, the Natural Outcome of Effectively Participating in Assessment Validation(PD directly relating to TAEASS403)
 Enhancing Learning in the Workplace(PD directly relating to TAEDEL402)

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