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During the Webinar

Q: What happens during the webinar?
A: During the webinar, the presenter will control what is displayed on your screen. This can include the use of PowerPoint, other Microsoft Office programs, the live us of internet sites and online polls.
You will be able to:

  • Use your Telephone/Mic and Speakers audio options to speak with presenters/attendees
  • Use the 'Hands Up' tool to raise your virtual hand and engage in the discussion
  • Share your thoughts via the live 'Chat' window
  • Answer live 'Polls' which provide instant group feedback

Q: What will I receive for this form of professional development?
A: Prior to the webinar:

  • You will receive a confirmation email from Velg Training which requires you to reserve your seat for the webinar by registering on Zoom using your first name, last name and an email address.
  • Once approved to attend the session, you will then receive a unique URL which will enable you to join the training session once it has commenced at the specified time.

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