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Want Some Top Tips to Keep Your Students on Track?

Want Some Top Tips to Keep Your Students on Track? image

Our Focus Week | Student Support includes 2 webinars targeting just how we go about supporting our adult learners and how best to keep them on track.

Let's take a look ....


Monday, 23 March 2023
10.30 am - 11.30am (AEST)
Members: $55.00 (incl. GST)
Non-Members: $65.00 (incl. GST)

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Adults as students: Top tips to keep them supported and on track

Presenter: Michael Gwyther

There are many reasons adults return to formal learning. For example, to work toward a new job, to upskill, or because it’s a workplace direction. Trouble is, being adults, they've already got busy lives with work, family commitments and other responsibilities, and study is just another thing to fit into a day.

They may also have expectations about the learning environment that don't match reality. They might be out of practice with formal approaches to teaching and learning. And perhaps not everyone has the technology or skills to participate in modern training and assessment. Sometimes you might even get adults in your classroom that don't want to be there but have to be.

As a trainer, how do you deal with this reluctance and other challenges and turn it into something positive? Mick Gwyther has a strong history in Adult and Community Education (ACE) and VET and a wealth of experience in supporting adult learners to achieve in their courses!

Tuesday, 24 March 2023
10.30 am - 11:30am (AEST)
Members: $55.00 (incl. GST)
Non-Members: $65.00
(incl. GST)

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Leverage adult learning principles to support and facilitate learning

Presenter: Michelle Charlton

Adult learners bring increased complexity to the classroom – they have distinct expectations from, and motivations for, any learning they undertake, and they bring their life experiences and current circumstances to the learning arena. As trainers and assessors in VET, when we teach adults, we deal with these principles every day.

What’s interesting is that learning trends are moving away from teacher-led instruction toward student-centred and social learning—some of the very same principles that underpin adult learning theory and relate to the andragogical model. In this session, explore how to leverage these principles in your own practice to understand, encourage, and engage your adult learners.

Also, take a look at how digital teaching tools can support this kind of collaborative development of skills and knowledge.

Click the link below to take a look at the full suite of Focus Week sessions taking place this March!

Focus Week | Student Support - March 2023

Date posted Mar 8, 2023

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