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RTOApply: Transforming Education with Streamlined Enrolment

RTOApply: Transforming Education with Streamlined Enrolment image

In the dynamic realm of education and training, efficient enrolment management is paramount. Enter DevCloud, a visionary company dedicated to revolutionising how Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) handle student enrolments. Their groundbreaking solution, RTOApply, is at the forefront of innovation within their cloud-based platform, offering an array of compelling features and integrations that set it apart.

Here are 3 reasons why RTOApply deserves your attention today:

1. A Vision for Quality and Affordability

RTOApply is committed to delivering premium products and services at a reasonable cost. This dedication underpins every facet of their operation. RTOApply's mission is clear: to provide RTOs with an affordable, top-tier solution for managing student enrolments. This commitment to affordability without compromising quality makes them a standout choice.

2. Unique Features for Accuracy and Efficiency

What truly sets RTOApply apart is its unique blend of features. Unlike enrolment systems directly linked to Student Management Systems (SMS), RTOApply offers an advanced review system to ensure precise data capture before accepting an enrolment. Enjoy seamless data flow with flexible integrations across platforms, including Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Cloud Assess. DevCloud's commitment to custom integrations ensures clients can tailor the system to their specific needs.

3. Mobile-First Technology

In an era marked by digital transformation, RTOApply is ahead of the curve. The enrolment process for learners is as simple as online shopping. In three easy steps, learners can navigate to your website, select a course, and enrol. The enrolment form accepts payment details, and RTOApply handles the data transfer, including AVETMISS (and USI), seamlessly. Learners receive email confirmations, and there's no need for data double-handling. Say goodbye to paper processes and embrace digital evolution. Not only does this enhance efficiency for learners and RTOs, but it also ensures data accuracy and champions environmental sustainability.

Connect with the team today!

Ready to embark on a journey toward efficient, accurate, and reliable data management? Explore the transformative potential of RTOApply at

For inquiries and further information, reach out to the DevCloud team via email at or Alternatively, you can connect directly with Gordon at 0418 540 630.

RTOApply is more than a solution; it's your partner in education. Say goodbye to enrolment headaches and embrace streamlined, accurate, and cost-effective enrolment processes with RTOApply. Your journey toward educational excellence starts here.

Date posted Sep 14, 2023

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