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  #2021NVC: Considering Our Future Workforce

This year's National VET Conference enables you to select areas of learning that are of value to YOU and your professional development experience. This week we take a look at some topics that enable you to consider the vocational learning needs and experiences undertaken by learners in schools ....

  Focus Week: H5P Focus Week (Webinar Recording Bundle)

Recorded from the 11 -1 5/10/2021. The Focus Week for H5P bundle is made up of five content rich webinars, delivered by our eLearning expert, Kerri Buttery, and was specifically designed to increase the knowledge and skills of VET practitioners in targeted topics. This Focus Week was all about the interactive content authoring tool H5P!.

  Webinar Recording: RPL: What IS the Professional Conversation?

Recorded on 23/10/2019 as part of National VET PD Week, a Professional Conversation, when used appropriately in RPL, has the opportunity to gather ‘direct evidence’. It enables the candidate to identify how they have ‘applied’ their knowledge in a practical situation. So how do we accurately conduct and record the Professional Conversation? Find out in this webinar.

  Webinar Recording: NVPDW - Most Common Non-Compliances in Assessment

Recorded on 27/10/2020 and forming part of the National VET PD Week, this 90 minute session that includes an extra Q&A session identifies the most common causes and effects of non-compliance across vocational assessment and provides you with a simplistic solution to getting it right. You’ll be surprised!

  NCVER: Government-funded students and courses 2021 (2022)

This publication provides a summary of data relating to students, programs, subjects and training providers in Australia’s government-funded vocational education and training (VET) system, defined as all Commonwealth and state/territory government-funded training delivered by technical and further education (TAFE) institutes, other government providers (such as universities), private providers and community education providers.

  Top 3 Trends for RTOs in 2023

“Change is the only constant in life.” Without a doubt that is applicable to the VET sector. We’ve seen a number of changes in the last 10 years including change of government, change of standards, change to audit focus…the list goes on. What then are the top trends that we as a sector must be ready for in 2023?

  V2G09 - Assessment: Designing for Competence

REGISTER BEFORE 22nd December for the December Course: This 90 min Velg2Go module of learning focuses on the VET Quality Framework with emphasis on the Standards for RTOs 2015. Complete your module at your own pace before the end of month.

  Have You Upgraded Your Membership Yet?

Since launching the new Velg Training website, two new membership packages have been introduced: Individual+ and Corporate+. Enjoy all the news, resources, events and discounts you’ve grown to love with the additional benefit of uploading, storing and exporting your Vocational Education and Training (VET) Professional Development (PD).

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  • This 1.5 hour webinar is from our suite of Your Way offerings. It is ready to be presented to your staff, at a time that suits you. This webinar, presentered by Nick McEwan-Hall will have a down to earth look at mental health with Nick McEwan-Hall, our Mental Health First Aid expert.

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