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  TAC Talks Shorts Ep 17 - Fraudulent Certificates

This 6-minute episode tackles a critical issue: fake certificates and their threat to your RTO's standing. It offers practical insights on enhancing certificate security and verifying incoming credentials, safeguarding your RTO and the entire VET sector.

  All the Best Things Come in 3's!!!

Did you miss out on the 2024 National VET Conference? Well, we thought we'd bring some of that conference to you in the form of 3 of our most highly rated sessions.

  Quality Assurance (Self Assurance & Auditing)

Quality Assurance gives confidence that the quality requirements of a product or service are being fulfilled. All RTOs should ensure their operations are quality assured so that quality VET delivery is maintained.

  Shared vision, equal pathways Report (2024)

During this inquiry, it became apparent that learners, employers, and other stakeholders lack reliable information on VET, and often rely on individual RTOs and government websites. Information is often inconsistent across sources and is not always current or relevant.

  V2G07 - Trainer and Assessor Competence and Currency

REGISTER BEFORE 24th August for the August Course: This Velg2Go module of learning covers the key requirements for trainers and assessors when acquiring and demonstrating competence and maintaining currency as a VET trainer and assessor and as a vocational practitioner.

  Blog: Only 23 Standard sponsorship packages left for NVC

The annual National VET Conference is on the 13-14 September at the Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) and yet again, is set to be the VET Event of the year! To remind you, the National VET Conference is the largest gathering of VET practitioners and decision makers from across Australia! There will be over 1,300 people attending in 2018! So how can you capitalise on this event and the exposure to attendees? Sponsor! This conference will provide an opportunity for you to showcase products and services to a targeted market of practitioners, academics, policy developers, researchers and consultants from senior secondary schools, colleges, public, enterprise and private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), universities, government agencies and industry. As in previous years, the National VET Conference includes a specific exhibition space dedicated to those who wish to showcase their training products and services during the event. Our sponsorship opportunities offer the following benefits (but there are limited numbers available!): • Meet & build relationships with potential students • Promote and increase awareness of your RTO • Communicate directly with a targeted audience • Generate fantastic enrolment leads • Showcase new courses, services and pathways to existing and potential students Package available: Price Silver Sponsor (one remaining) $9,700 Bronze Sponsor (one remaining) $6,500 Standard Sponsor (24 remaining) $3,800 If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact Velg Training via email with any queries you might have.

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  • This 1.5 hour webinar is from our suite of Your Way offerings. Gain insights into practical ways to create an inclusive learning environment for neurodiverse students and the broader benefits of integrating neurodiversity awareness and support into their RTO and programs.

    PD Your Way 

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