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Corporate and corporate plus accounts

Q:I have an existing Velg Training Membership.  Can I upgrade this to another level of membership prior to my renewal date?
A: Membership can be upgraded at any time. The balance of your current account is applied as pro-rata credit to the cost of the new membership level.  Your renewal date will be updated to reflect 12 months from the upgrade date.

Q:  We own several RTOs , can we purchase one membership to cover all of these?
A:  Corporate  and Corporate+ memberships can only be purchased by individual organisations.  Large 'umbrella' organisations comprising multiple RTO's cannot purchase one membership, e.g. an individual TAFE institute is the member rather than the state-wide TAFE operator; organisations in partnership agreements must both hold separate corporate memberships.

Q:What is a sibling?
A:  The term Sibling is one that we give to any staff member who is approved by your organisation to be attached to your Corporate or Corporate Plus Membership. Corporate and Corporate Plus Membership accounts are entitled to an unlimited number of staff (siblings) to be connected to the account. Each siblings (once approved) has access to all the benefits of our Membership program.

Each sibling has their own log in, and our system recognises them as such - therefore they are treated as Members. They get access to all Free PD, the discounted rate on event and services, the Members-only area on our website (our Knowledge Hub) etc.

'Siblings' are managed by one person from your organisation designated as the "Administrator'' of the account.

Q:Who can be added as a Sibling Account to my Corporate or Corporate+ Membership?
A: An unlimited number of Sibling Accounts can be created under your Corporate or Corporate+ Membership. To be added to the membership these sibling accounts must be paid either as PAYG staff or contract trainers/assessors by the named corporate member.

Q:  How do I add Sibling Accounts to  my Corporate or Corporate+  Membership?
A: Sibling accounts can be added by the administrator/s of your account once logged into the site through the siblings page in their profile.

Q:  I am a corporate or corporate plus account administrator; how do I access my team’s PD history?
A:  To view the records of any live event your sibling accounts or other administrators have registered for with Velg Training, please visit the VET PD page in your profile.  Beneath the 'Member' heading you will be able to select from the following:

  • 'My VET PD' to view your own history
  • 'All VET PD' to view your entire team's history
  • Or you can select the name of a current or previous team member to view their history only.

From these pages you will be able to access the resources from the event and also access any statements of attendance from any events your team were able to attend live.

The below legend denotes which events have accompanying certificates: 

Please note:  Any certificates of completion issued for viewing a past Members Lunch Box webinar recording via our Knowledge Hub or purchased webinar product will not appear in your team’s PD history as these are not live events.  The registration process for the event through our website is the trigger for PD appearing in their history.  Watching recordings however is absolutely valid PD and they should record these in their Trainer and Assessor Profile.

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