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Does Your TAS Reflect a True Image?

Does Your TAS Reflect a True Image? image

Each TAS must be reviewed by the RTO to make sure it follows current practice. Not having an updated strategy can result in non-compliances across a range of connected clauses.

Throughout a TAS's lifespan, things change! Training programmes, instructors, delivery order or schedule, or even assessment techniques, and it’s critical that your RTO can show an image of what is actually occurring.

So, when was the last time you looked at the image your TAS reflects?

In Part III of our TAS Trilogy (The Reflection), Angela McGregor will give you clear direction about what to focus on to ensure your TAS depicts how things are genuinely happening and reflects actual practice.

Topics you can expect to be covered during this session include:

Part 3 - The Reflection - 31 August 2022 (11am-12pm AEST)

  • Documenting the delivery schedule and resources
  • Recording assessment methods
  • Industry consultation requirements

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Date posted Aug 11, 2022

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