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Are You Ready to Confidently Sequence Your Assessment Validation?

Are You Ready to Confidently Sequence Your Assessment Validation? image

Are You Ready to take just 10-steps to achieve a polished performance?

The validation process provides RTOs with an excellent opportunity to ensure the quality implementation of their assessment services. But sometimes we feel a little bit like we’ve got two left feet!

It takes good instruction, great technique and some confidence to sequence validation activities that contain all the right elements.

So, how do we choreograph dynamic validation processes?

In this BRAND NEW webinar, join Alan Maguire to learn the 10-steps to getting your RTO into a true validation rhythm.

During this webinar, Alan will take you through the compliance requirements for validation and a 10-step process for conducting validation. He will explore methods for checking assessment instruments and instructions as well as the attributes of an assessment validator.

Key topics covered include:

  • Introduction (Definitions & Compliance)

  • 10-step process for conducting assessment validation

    • Preparing for validation

    • Checking the tools

    • Reviewing the sample of completed assessment

  • Q&A

I'm Ready to Take the Steps!!

Date posted Mar 16, 2023

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