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Your Ticket to Presentation Excellence

Your Ticket to Presentation Excellence image

Learn from the best of the best how to become a facilitation superstar!

#2023NVC attendees absolutely LOVED this session; we know you will too!

Tony Kirton has turned his session into a highly interactive, two-part webinar series where he genuinely walks the walk to demonstrate how important your visual and vocal presence is in both face-to-face and online settings!

He’ll get you to practice strategies through action-based break-out groups and truly model his successful techniques that will take your presentation/facilitation style to the next level.

Are you ready to walk down ‘presenter boulevard’ in style with someone deemed truly remarkable?

Join Tony Kirton for this 2 part webinar series that turns good presenters into unforgettable ones.

Register here!

Date posted Feb 29, 2024

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