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Consultation to Help Build the VET Workforce

Consultation to Help Build the VET Workforce image

Supply and retention issues are a significant concern facing the VET workforce, with RTOs under increasing pressure to attract and retain a skilled workforce.

The Australian Government, in collaboration with states and territories, is developing the VET Workforce Blueprint to support, grow and sustain the VET workforce.

Like many industries across Australia, there is increasing pressure to attract and retain a skilled VET workforce. At the same time, skills shortages are being experienced and industry is looking to the VET sector to help address these issues.

The Blueprint will identify effective strategies to address workforce issues, such as attraction, retention, development and career progression.

Consultations to support developing a VET Workforce Blueprint are being undertaken to ensure the strategies and actions in the Blueprint will address these issues. Consultations are seeking feedback from a range of stakeholders, including those currently in the VET workforce and those who have recently left to test current understanding of the challenges faced by the VET workforce and identify actions which will result in effective change.

A submission process is now open to seek your feedback on:

  • how to support, grow and sustain the VET workforce
  • ideas about actions to address identified barriers, and
  • how any potential actions can be implemented

Visit the department’s website to find out how to get involved (or click here to go directly to the Blueprint online submission form).

Your feedback and insights will contribute to the development of the Blueprint.

To support your response, a Consultation Paper - Developing a blueprint for the VET workforce provides background and identifies some of the challenges and potential action areas for consideration.

Feedback closes at 11:00 PM (AEDT) 26 March 2024.

Date posted Feb 29, 2024

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