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Let's Maximise the Integration of Our Online Resources

Let's Maximise the Integration of Our Online Resources image

Shaping the journey for students toward job readiness through active online engagement is key to great student retention, but there’s more to quality online delivery than just achieving high completion rates.

So, what can a review of our online delivery practice tell us?

To be truly committed to quality online training, planned occasions of knowledge building and collaboration are so important.

If you are looking for ideas that could help maximise the integration of your online resources to truly build quality teaching and the educational experience of your learners, join John Blake this December for a BRAND NEW, highly interactive 90-minute session.

Learn about some easy-to-use strategies that will support students toward active engagement and job-readiness while also assisting your RTO in areas such as:  

  • student support
  • teaching quality
  • skills development
  • learning resources
  • learner engagement and
  • the quality of the entire educational experience.

Key topics covered by John during this webinar include:

  • Educational evidence of impactful engagement
  • Instructional strategies that have supported learners
  • Development of partnerships within the learning community
  • Collaborative reflections of our online delivery
  • Commitment to our future of online delivery
  • Websites, template ideas, tech advice

AND that's not all!  You will be encouraged to contribute before walking away from this 90-minute webinar with:

  • An achievable to-do list  
  • Self-reflection and validation considerations 
  • Free and royalty-free resource development websites 
  • Resources and data for organisational decision-making 
  • Satisfaction when your RTO or HEP student retention statistics improve

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Date posted Nov 10, 2022

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