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New Design and QR Code for the USI VET Transcript

New Design and QR Code for the USI VET Transcript image

An authenticated VET transcript collates an individual’s VET training outcomes undertaken since 1 January 2015 into a single record. Anyone who has undertaken nationally recognised training since 2015 can access their VET transcript via their USI account. This PDF document can then be downloaded and shared with third parties, such as employers and licensing bodies, via email or hard copy for them to verify their records online.

The updated transcript design now includes a QR code for accessing the online record from a hard copy. When using the QR code, the name and document number will populate automatically to ensure accessing the record is quick and easy for third parties.

Sharing a VET transcript is a convenient and secure way for USI account holders to prove their qualifications and demonstrate pre-requisites for further training. USI account holders can choose to share either an extract or a full copy of their VET transcript, which allows them to select exactly which training to display to others.

Training providers report either quarterly or annually to the national VET collections, so there may be a delay in displaying recently completed training. However, the Australian Government verifies all training listed on a VET transcript, which ensures qualifications are accurate.

For more information about sharing and accessing VET transcripts, please see our website.

Date posted Dec 9, 2021

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