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A Draft Model for Self-Assurance: Have Your Say

A Draft Model for Self-Assurance: Have Your Say image

ASQA have developed a draft model for self-assurance, through a co-design process with the sector.

Self-assurance is when training providers have their own systems and practices to systematically monitor, evaluate and continually improve their training outcomes and performance against the Standards and obligations as a registered training organisation (RTO).

Read about what was heard from the sector as part of the co-design process, to create the draft model.

Throughout the co-design process, ASQA have progressively refined a set of principles for the self-assurance model with providers and stakeholders.

  • flexible to be appropriate for all providers regardless of size, type, operating context and self-assurance maturity 
  • aligned with RTO standards and supporting other requirements including State/Territory where possible
  • focused on continuous improvement rather than merely compliance
  • simple and easy to understand for providers
  • encouraging and supporting providers to fully integrate self-assurance into their business (‘organic’ to operations)
  • reinforced and validated by other regulatory activities including ASQA’s performance assessments and risk analysis
  • valuable to providers and linked to a reduction in regulatory burden
  • backed by effective support, guidance and education by ASQA.

ASQA are now seeking feedback from the sector about the draft model for self-assurance through Phase 3 of the co-design process.  During Phase 3, ASQA will:

  • develop and refine the level of detail for the overall model and each element, including an overall explanation about its purpose
  • explore guidance and information requirements by model element / sub-element
  • identify providers’ expectations about and capacity to provide evidence of self-assurance by model element
  • identify expectations about ASQA’s and others’ role in the provision of education
  • identify additional tools or resources required, based on further model development.

You can provide feedback in a number of ways:

  • registering your interest to participate in online or face-to-face focus group
  • ASQA’s annual provider and course owner survey to be distributed to providers in May 2022
  • via a feedback mechanism on the ASQA website (to be implemented in mid-May)
  • by emailing the project team at

Access ASQA's full media release here.

Date posted May 12, 2022

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