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Nationally Agreed Nominal Hours

Nationally Agreed Nominal Hours image

These nationally agreed hours data have been agreed to by all States and Territories for use in national reporting of VET data only. NCVER sources the nominal hours externally or via state and territory submissions to the National VET Provider Collection and updates the system file on a quarterly basis.

Note for RTOs using this file for reporting Nominal hours in their AVETMISS submission: you may need to report different data to that displayed in this file if you deliver training under a funding contract. Please refer to your funding contract or consult your funding body (e.g. state training authority [STA]) to confirm what Nominal hours should be reported.

The file is supplied as tab delimited text format and should be saved to your computer before opening. Select 'Save As' from the File menu if your browser displays rather than downloads.

This file should be opened in a text editor. Do not open in Excel, as this application will strip the leading zeros from the file.

For AVETMISS reporting purposes: If a unit of competency is not yet listed within this system file, the nominal hours may instead be sourced from the unit of competency's training package purchasing guide or by searching for the unit of competency on

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Date posted Jun 27, 2018

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